Wselect (menu fot batch or exe)

Wselect (menu fot batch or exe)

Wselect offers a window with a list of items for selection in a batch (BAT/CMD) process. The items are read (line by line) from the given file, which can be either fixed, or generated in the batch process. The file may have any number of lines with anything you want to offer. Special options are provided for menus.

User’s selection by double click or arrow up/down + Enter. Abort with Escape or by closing the window.
The special menu mode features hand cursor, single click selection and optional header text.

Wselect provides an errorlevel according to the selected item number. Wselect also returns the selected item text embedded in a given text string through the token “$item”. This way you can produce messages or commands.

For example, if the given output text string is “SET MyVar=$item”, the token $item will be replaced by the selected item. The output can be redirected to a text file or to a batch file for subsequent execution.

Wselect ListFile ListHeader OutputString [MenuHeader] [options] [> OutputFile]

Options include:
– window centered on screen or in console window
– menu mode, font size, font color and background color
– fixed-width font for lists





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