Sagem Modem F3464 how to update old firmware to Latest

Sagem Modem  F3464 how to update old firmware  to Latest


1.Login into Router

Router Admin:

(Non Belgacom)


In last versions it’s



  • GO To Admin Settings  >>>     firmware upgrade
  • Choise image from your pc    « »  it’s 2013 version ; worked for me
  • After that wait the modem will reboot 2-3 times


  • In Network Settings you must have


VLAN Physical Device

Wan eth1.10 PPP


Wan eth1.20 VoIP   ( for voip)


If you dont have VLAN Physical Device you must add it in admin mode  by going to


Network Settings >>>  New connection >>>   Advanced Connection >>> VLAN Interface.

  • For automatic update you must set your login connection in “quick start”


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