IGO RADAR ALERTS for trapster

IGO Primo RADAR ALERTS for trapster.

Works Great for IGO PRIMO 2.4

Converts and merges all trapster data into one file , to be used on IGO PRIMO navigation devices.

It’s create speedcam.txt
so this way we have got the alers for IGO PRIMO Navigation.

* For IGO 8 you must delete the file speedcam.spdb  before the operation.


1. Download From Trapster TrapsterGarminCSVData.zip




2.Put the file in       primAlert v1.11\Data Container

3.Run Trapster Merge.exe  ( file location         \primAlert v1.11\Data Container)
4.You have got a file speedcams_radarinfo.txt
5.Open “prim Alert” and choose the     speedcams_radarinfo.txt









6.Press Buid TO PC
7.After you will have file speedcam.txt
8. Copy only this file in to  your gps         GPS ==>  Primo ==> content ==>SpeedCam


Download primAlert v1.11




* you can use 2 names for speed cams
Example :
speedcams_radarinfo.txt  –  Radar Europe ( or only one Country)
Example 2:
speedcam.txt  –  Trapster Radars ( must do a manual update)

















 Source code of        “Trapster Merge.exe”

Batch Script Change as you want. 













@echo off

echo є Trapster Merger by DIMM_V2 є
echo є є
echo є є
echo є Hello This Programm will merge є
echo є щщщщщщщщщщщщщщщщщщщщщщщщщщщщщщщщщщщщщщщщщщ є
echo є all cvs files into one TXT file є
echo є щщщщщщщщщщщщщщщщщщщщщщщщщщщщщщщщщщщщщщщщщщ є
echo є є
echo є щщщщщщщщщщщщщщщщщщщщщщщщщщщщщщщщщщщщщщщщщщ є
echo є є
echo є є
echo є є


unzip -o “TrapsterGarminCSVData.zip”
rem TIMEOUT /T 0
cd “TrapsterGarminCSVData”

rem vse txt v odin file
rem del trapster_all.txt

rem timeout /T 0
rem Join all FILES in to ONE
for %%x in (*.csv) do type %%x>>trapster_all.txt

rem timeout /T 0


rem for %%x in (*.csv) do del %%x
rem for %%x in (*.bmp) do del %%x
move trapster_all.txt ..
cd ..
rem timeout /T 1
ren “trapster_all.txt” “speedcams_radarinfo.txt”

rd /q /s “TrapsterGarminCSVData”
del TrapsterGarminCSVData.zip
rem If there are spaces in any of the text files’ names, use this instead: for %%x in (*.txt) do type “%%x”>>templist
rem type 1.txt >> mergefile.txt
rem type 2.txt >> mergefile.txt


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