How to Install windows 7 Instead of Windows 8,Windows 10

Once you install windows 8 on a system it will not allow you to install a prior OS like windows 7, this is because of the way the file system is layed down on the HD. Windows 7 uses a NTFS file structure where as Windows 8 Uses a GPT file structure. The data is layed down and located on different parts of the drive. That is why windows 7 cannot install due to the Gpt format of the drive. As it is an older operating system and does not understand GPT format.


Boot from USB/DvD

On setup screen press

SHIFT + F10″ OR” SHIFT + FN + F10

Select disk 0
Clean (will erase all disk)

Close cmd
Install win 7


* Problem : While Installing windows 10 from usb

Error Message :   a media driver your computer needs is missing , while installing window 10 from usb

Solution :

  • Download last iso win 10 ( by microsoft media creator tool)
  • Use the same procedure to install windows 10  ( with disk park )

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