[Android] enable usb debugging via ADB

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enable usb debugging via ADB


to use vysor – usb debugging must be enabled , and granted to pc !!!


WIth soft ” SP_Flash_Tool_v5.1708 ” , you must “download” recovery image for ACER ( CWM_6.0.5.0-Acer_Z500) or “your model”


after this , you must boot to recovery , in recovery mount folders “system and “data”



Adb shell
echo “persist.service.adb.enable=1” >>/system/build.prop
echo “persist.service.debuggable=1” >>/system/build.prop
echo “persist.sys.usb.config=mass_storage,adb” >>/system/build.prop”











boot into your custom recovery.
Plug your device into your computer and open an elevated command prompt.
Throw these commands.
adb shell


mount -o remount,rw /system

cd /

echo “persist.service.adb.enable=1” >> default.prop

echo “persist.service.debuggable=1” >> default.prop

echo “persist.sys.usb.config=mtp,adb” >> default.prop

echo “persist.service.adb.enable=1” >> /system/build.prop

echo “persist.service.debuggable=1” >> /system/build.prop

echo “persist.sys.usb.config=mtp,adb” >> /system/build.prop




need to copy the key fro the pc to phone !! first find this file >>> adbkey.pub


Now if you are going to reboot into your phone android will tell you “oh your adb is working but please tap on this OK button, so we can trust your PC”. And obviously if we can’t tap on the phone stay in the recovery mode and do the following (assuming you are not in the adb shell mode, if so first type exit):

cd ~/.android
adb push adbkey.pub /data/misc/adb/adb_keys


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