Enable AHCI in Windows 10

Enable AHCI MODE in Windows 10 ;  AFTER windows is installed

Change IDE mode to AHCI.

  • Start windows 10
  • Select “Safe Mode Boot” in msconfig
  • Reboot ; go into BIOS
  • Change Setting to AHCI
  • Continue into Windows (Safe Mode)
  • Let Windows do its magic
  • Uncheck Safe Mode in msconfig
  • Reboot as normal




AHCI and IDE are two modes in which a hard drive communicates with the rest of the computer system using a SATA storage controller. SATA hard drives can operate in a backward-compatible PATA/IDE mode, a standard AHCI mode or vendor-specific RAIDAHCI stands for Advanced Host Controller Interfaceand is a faster mode of operation compared to IDE. RAID mode also enables and makes use of AHCI.

AHCI provides a standard system that designers and developers can use to configure, detect, or program SATA/AHCI adapters. Note that even though AHCI taps into the more advanced features of SATA (e.g., hot swapping) for host systems, it is a separate standard from those set for SATA.

Speed test in “IDE MODE”


Speed test in “AHCI MODE”

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