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Today, after working with Windows for over 15 years now, I finally came across the solution to the 
dreadfull BSOD STOP 0x0000007B after replacing the motherboard of a computer, or after moving the 
harddrive to another computer, or after doing a P2V, or after ... you get the point.

- Windows install / boot CD
- Chipset / Mobo / Storage drivers of the new motherboard or storage controller

- extract all the drivers to a USB thumb drive
- boot with the Windows CD
- go to the recovery console (typically hidden somewhere under repair, or advanced tools
- find out what drive letter your windows installation is in (probably C:) and what drive letter your 
USB thumb drive is in (let's assume D:)
- type in the magic command:

    DISM /Image:C:\ /Add-Driver /driver:D:\ /recurse

- wait until the process completes. You should see lines indicating what driver is being injected
- reboot

After rebooting, you should be able to boot into windows (if the boot menu for start-up repair shows, 
just select the option to boot Windows normally). Once booted, Windows will probably install some more 
drivers and you will probably need to reboot once more. There's also a chance that you'll need to 
re-activate your Windows.


Inject Drivers into a Windows 10 WIM/ISO Install Image


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