Install Windows XP within 10 minutes

This tweak is extemely helpful for peoply who are still relying on Windows XP.
Please follow the below steps to install the windows XP OS within 10 minutes :)

Initially boot through windows xp cd
Once the files are completely loaded,select your appropriate partition and format it with NTFS or FAT.
Once the formating is completed your system restarts and you will get a menu where the actual setup installation process happens.

Roughly the timer will show around 30 to 40 min to install everything completely
To quicken the installation process press Shift + F10 key which opens command Prompt.
Enter “taskmgr” at the command prompt which will open task manager
Click the process Tab, and find a process called Setup.exe .
Right click on Setup.exe and Set priority to Select High or Above normal.

Done. Enjoy the installation.
Haven’t checked this on Windows 7. If anyone of you have tried it, please do post your comments​