dd usage save raw image and restore raw image

dd usage :  save raw image and restore raw image.

Can be used for backup or cling the harddrivers or usb keys.

1 – Check who is who :

With command :   

in our case :

sdb1 = disk1
sdc1 = disk2

or use gparted :

To save full raw disk image

This method compress the image : if you use only the command dd – the image size will be 2GB While with gzip image size is 2mb (for my test I have used only 1 small image.png)


The above command just cloned the entire hard disk, including the MBR, bootloader, all partitions, UUIDs, and data.

To restore full raw image

Warning do this only from live CD


After restore operation , unmount /mount hd to see the disk changes.