Establishing secure connection windows 10 FIX



Establishing secure connection windows 10

establishing secure connection error chrome

updates lan drivers –  doesn’t not work

working and tested solution  : 


Download           “ – Windows Repair”

Run As Admin

Do not reboot


Click on start


Reboot After Changes




Beta solution (not tested by me )


Win+R and type in services.msc. find cryptographic service and right click to go to Properties. go to Logon tab and change log on as to Local System Account. click ok. Restart service and your problem goes away


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  1. Larry September 10, 2018 6:01 pm  Reply

    Hi Dimm_V2

    I’m LarryLACa from the Chrome Help Forum:!topic/chrome/SYBB6iGbnfQ

    Thanks for the tweaking cryptSvc fix and the subinacl tips

    The tweaking repair is broad and opaque. I would prefer to create a subinacl script that just repairs HKCU…ProtectedRoots for CryptSvc, like the manual regedit repair.

    I’ve already used subinacl to dump the ProtectedRoots perms. Now we need to figure out which ones to repair. We’ll need direct email to figure this out.

    TIA, Merci!

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